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Last Thursday August 11, Aqua for Aid (Aqua48) made its third donation, which came from the sale of water at participating restaurants. The donation went to ‘Fundacion Siñami Paso pa Paso Aruba’. Aqua48 representative, Manon Hekman together with representatives from WEB and CEDE Aruba. Also present was Rober Bautista of Green Food Service/ Restaurant Vegetariano, who on this occasion represented the participating restaurants. The cheque was donated to buy special material to guide people with a limitation and thus raise their quality of life. Aqua48 is an initiative where customers who order water in a restaurant can choose between a free glass of water and a glass of Aqua48, which costs 1 guilder and comes with as many free refills as desired.

Every quarter, a committee with representatives from WEB Aruba, CEDE Aruba and the participating restaurants, decide on the destination of the donation by Aqua48. For the first donation, it was decided to honor SABA’s request for recliner chairs. The second donation went to a project of sustainable planting for children of ‘Kinderhuis Imeldahof’. Now it is Fundacion Siñami Paso pa Paso Aruba’s turn.

Fundacion Siñami Paso pa Paso Aruba was officially established in the year 2009. The goal of the foundation is to offer specialised guidance in various disciplines to benefit children and adults with a handicap. Fundacion Siñami Paso pa Paso Aruba offers speech therapy, psychology, homework programmes for children who have learning disabilities, early on stimulation programmes for babies and children and creative workshops/ alternative therapy with recyclable material (ECO-PASCO 2016). The donation by Aqua48 will be used to buy special new material to help our professionals in guiding our customers, who are people with a handicap. That is what Mrs. Paolita Chaljub-Heyden, representative of the parents’ committee of the Foundation explained.

Next donation goes to:

The donation by Aqua48 for the following quarter is destined for the ‘Nature and Environment’ category. The choice was made and the Donkey Sanctuary Aruba, which has recently moved to a new location and could still use funds to finalise this move, will be the recipient. Donkey Sanctuary Aruba is a well known foundation. They ensure the care and preservation of more than 130 donkeys. In December of this year, Aqua48 hopes to be able to make a large donation to this project. The general public is called upon to support this cause by drinking Aqua for Aid (Aqua48) in every participating restaurant.

Besides making donations, the Aqua48 organisation has participated in various fundraising events during the past months. Manon Hekman explains that they participated in the radiothon organised by Fundacion pa Nos Comunidad on which occasion they made a donation to the foundation. Every month, the Aqua48 volunteers take part in the Pop Up-Clean Up, an initiative by young professionals, who come together to activate people to keep Aruba clean.

The Aqua48.com website contains more information with regard to the purpose and the various projects by Aqua48. Charitable organisations can apply for a donation through the website. The donations by Aqua48 are made possible thanks to the support from various organisations. WEB Aruba supports the project financially and marketing wise. CEDE Aruba helps with the practical part of processing the requests for a donation. Aqua48 also receives promotional support from various companies, among which, EasyFM, PowerFM and Arubadeal.com.