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The mission of Aqua48

Aqua48. Help by drinking water

Aqua48 (Aqua For Aid) is a new initiative in Aruba for drinking water in restaurants, pubs and hotels. By ordering Aqua48, you are helping to support humanitarian causes. With Aqua48 you drink tap water of excellent quality from a special, recognizable glass. For a reasonable price, for both the consumer and the catering entrepreneur. At the same time you are helping to protect the environment. We like to explain how Aqua48 does this.

Support charities

You can order Aqua48 in all participating catering companies in Aruba. Water quality with excellent flavor that is produced by WEB Aruba. Aqua 48 is available in a long drink glass of 27 cl. (just over 9 fl oz) for a suggested minimum consumer retail price of 1 florin. Your catering host pays a portion of his water turnover to Aqua48, part of which is donated to charities in Aruba. Especially for help to (orphaned) children, disabled, the elderly and animals in need. Through your support, we can do positive things in Aruba! Thanks to you. Only by drinking Aqua48!

Stop the waste

By ordering Aqua48, you also help the environment. Aqua48 comes from a glass and not, like mineral water, from a small bottle. This saves the production of disposable plastic or glass bottles, transporting water and the otiose bottling process. Doing so the CO2 emissions are significantly reduced. On Aruba waste is a growing problem. With Aqua48 you can help to reduce the growing Aruban wasteproblem. So show your commitment to Aruban society and order Aqua48 drinking water!

Aqua48. Water from Aruba. Drink to help.

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